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Felix – The Elf on the Shelf | Southern California Elf Photographer

Well, here we go! Finally have our 2014 Felix the Elf adventures ready to share! He’s just arrived back at our house for this year so hopefully we will keep on top of things and he will be on the blog before next year, haha! Check out 2011, 2012 & 2013 by clicking on each year, if you’d like to see what else he’s been up to in the past!


Well, after our move to California we weren’t sure if Felix would make it here but… He found us! Felix is in the house!! Hope he likes warm weather!


Felix noticed right away that Josie was here. He was waiting all last December to meet her so I am sure he was excited to finally do that! Apparently he thinks that her diaper is a sleeping bag for him?! Oh my, silly elf!


It didn’t take Felix long to find the left over Halloween candy! He’s eaten so much he’s made himself sick!


It wouldn’t be the Christmas season without paper snowflakes! Thanks, Felix!


Felix found some breakfast! Nothing like diving head first into a bowl of Lucky Charms but Ummmm, did you save any marshmallows for the rest of us, Felix?!


A day at the races! Felix looks like he’s having fun with the Cars gang!


Jack helped his daddy fix the door hinge yesterday. I guess Felix thought he’d like to help too. On a side note… Keeping the baby from grabbing the elf has proven to be quite a challenge. He may have to start finding things up high to get into the next few weeks!


Playing Checkers with his good friend Woody, the elf way!


Wipe Out!! One of Mr. Jack’s favorite games!


Morgan baked up something delicious for us! Didn’t take Felix long to find it! Looks like maybe his eyes were bigger than his tummy!


Looks like Felix and the boys are getting a head start on their New Year’s resolutions by getting buff & working out at the gym!


The kids all slept in the living room last night to watch Christmas movies. Felix joined them in a little sleeping bag and he swiped Jack’s favorite bear to snuggle with!


Felix thought that the Manger could use a little holiday cheer so he added a Christmas tree & lights! No matter how much fun he has here he wants us to always remember that it’s all about Jesus!


Date night! Felix and Jessie are having a movie & marshmallow date. ELF is always a good choice!


Looks like Spanish Buzz wasn’t too happy about Felix taking Jessie to the movies. Now he’s taken his hat & marshmallows and trying to decide if Felix is an amigo or enemigo! For now, he’s keeping that elf where he can watch him. Poor Jessie can’t even watch!


Looks like Buzz & Felix are friends again! They are playing a nice game of Scrabble! One of our families favorites!


Somehow I just knew Felix couldn’t leave the gingerbread houses alone!


Felix was just hanging around in Jack’s bunk bed this morning!


Apparently Felix thought he should’ve been in our Christmas card picture!


Felix decorated for Morgan’s birthday! Happy 13th Birthday to Morgan!!


I think Felix wants to be a deputy sheriff when he grows up! Woody let Felix see his handcuffs and try on his hat. And Felix even got to turn on the siren in Woody’s patrol car!


Flying paper airplanes into the Christmas tree?! Nice one, Felix! Don’t give Mr. Jack any ideas!


Felix has his knapsack all packed up and ready to go back to the North Pole. It’s been fun once again, Mr. Elf! See ya next year!!


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