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Felix – The Elf on the Shelf | Wichita, Kansas Elf Photographer

Well, it’s no surprise that I’m a terrible blogger. We’ve been elfing for 4 years around here and I like to make a book out of each years shenanigans for our kids. Unfortunately they only have 2 books! So, here’s my attempt at catching up the last 2 years. Felix our elf was a busy guy in 2013, Mom was very pregnant and had a time keeping up with him! Sorry for the *very long* delay, folks! Enjoy!

Also, if you’d like to catch up on his previous years mischief you can do that here and here!


Well, look who arrived at our house last night! Appears Felix noticed right away that we’ve had a new addition to the family since his last visit. Felix, meet Theodore the fish. Theodore, Felix. Play nice!

11-29 web

My apple pie! Felix sure didn’t waste any time getting into things! At least it looks like he enjoyed it!

11-30 web

On Sunday we found that he and the guys had stayed up all night to have a Christmas movie marathon!

12-1 web

Monday this is what we woke up to… Felix must have thought he’d hang Christmas lights like Mr. Cole did but looks like he had a little trouble keeping them untangled and straight!

12-2 web

Today we found Felix had made a treehouse out of Legos in our Christmas tree! Such a silly elf!

12-3 web

I guess Felix thought he would replace the salt shaker with sugar! Dinner should be interesting!

12-4 web

Felix doesn’t want to see the Hallmark kissing bears kissing! Ewwwww!

12-5 web


Felix knew how excited Mr. Jack was about Jingle Jam at church! We found him hanging in the wreath on the bathroom door with the invitation. Too bad Felix can’t make it to the show!

12-6 web

Felix made a marshmallow snowman family last night!

12-7 web

Felix decided to hold a men’s Bible study while he was visiting!

12-8 web

Jack woke up to find a special letter to him and his sisters. There were special instructions which he got right to! We will see what happens in the next few days!


Ummmm…. I’m not sure I believe that, Felix. Jack totally denied having any part of this!


The kids were diligent about sprinkling the seeds and look what happened after 2 days! Lollipops! Nice one, Felix!


Red milk?! I guess he thought our milk wasn’t festive enough, haha!


Felix went fishing last night! Glad he didn’t catch anything, whew. Poor Theodore… at least he left the kids a little treat!


Felix! He’s replaced all of the stockings with Mr. Jack’s underwear! My oh my!


Felix has the World Vision catalog all ready for us today! I guess he gets as excited about giving to other kids as we do! If you are looking for a great way to give this Christmas too please check out World Vision USA!

12-15 web

Everyone was hanging around on the ceiling fan this morning. What fun!


I guess with the heat wave in December Felix thought he should work on his tan. We found him with the Pet Shop pets hanging “at the beach” under a reading lamp.


Christmas Countdown!! We are getting close!


Looks like Alvin is claiming the title as the king of mischief around here! Baaaaad little chipmunk trapped Felix under a glass!


Mmmmm, leftover spaghetti! But with syrup, marshmallows, candy corn and chocolate sauce?! No thank you, Felix!


One perk to having a birthday close to Christmas is that Felix always leaves you a sweet birthday message! Happy Birthday, Morgan!


Mr. Jack had a personal visit from Santa this week! I think Felix was excited to see him too! He reported back to Santa that all of the kids have been really good! Hope you enjoyed the candy, Felix!


Bam!! Looks like Felix got Alvin back! Guess you don’t mess with the elf!


I think Felix was looking forward to meeting Josie, who was due to be born on Christmas Eve! We ALL were hoping to meet her by now but alas, babies come on their own time. Next year, Felix!




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