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Felix – The Elf on the Shelf | Southern California Elf Photographer

Well, here we go! Finally have our 2014 Felix the Elf adventures ready to share! He’s just arrived back at our house for this year so hopefully we will keep on top of things and he will be on the blog before next year, haha! Check out 2011, 2012 & 2013 by clicking on each year, if you’d like to see what else he’s been up to in the past!


Well, after our move to California we weren’t sure if Felix would make it here but… He found us! Felix is in the house!! Hope he likes warm weather!


Felix noticed right away that Josie was here. He was waiting all last December to meet her so I am sure he was excited to finally do that! Apparently he thinks that her diaper is a sleeping bag for him?! Oh my, silly elf!


It didn’t take Felix long to find the left over Halloween candy! He’s eaten so much he’s made himself sick!


It wouldn’t be the Christmas season without paper snowflakes! Thanks, Felix!


Felix found some breakfast! Nothing like diving head first into a bowl of Lucky Charms but Ummmm, did you save any marshmallows for the rest of us, Felix?!


A day at the races! Felix looks like he’s having fun with the Cars gang!


Jack helped his daddy fix the door hinge yesterday. I guess Felix thought he’d like to help too. On a side note… Keeping the baby from grabbing the elf has proven to be quite a challenge. He may have to start finding things up high to get into the next few weeks!


Playing Checkers with his good friend Woody, the elf way!


Wipe Out!! One of Mr. Jack’s favorite games!


Morgan baked up something delicious for us! Didn’t take Felix long to find it! Looks like maybe his eyes were bigger than his tummy!


Looks like Felix and the boys are getting a head start on their New Year’s resolutions by getting buff & working out at the gym!


The kids all slept in the living room last night to watch Christmas movies. Felix joined them in a little sleeping bag and he swiped Jack’s favorite bear to snuggle with!


Felix thought that the Manger could use a little holiday cheer so he added a Christmas tree & lights! No matter how much fun he has here he wants us to always remember that it’s all about Jesus!


Date night! Felix and Jessie are having a movie & marshmallow date. ELF is always a good choice!


Looks like Spanish Buzz wasn’t too happy about Felix taking Jessie to the movies. Now he’s taken his hat & marshmallows and trying to decide if Felix is an amigo or enemigo! For now, he’s keeping that elf where he can watch him. Poor Jessie can’t even watch!


Looks like Buzz & Felix are friends again! They are playing a nice game of Scrabble! One of our families favorites!


Somehow I just knew Felix couldn’t leave the gingerbread houses alone!


Felix was just hanging around in Jack’s bunk bed this morning!


Apparently Felix thought he should’ve been in our Christmas card picture!


Felix decorated for Morgan’s birthday! Happy 13th Birthday to Morgan!!


I think Felix wants to be a deputy sheriff when he grows up! Woody let Felix see his handcuffs and try on his hat. And Felix even got to turn on the siren in Woody’s patrol car!


Flying paper airplanes into the Christmas tree?! Nice one, Felix! Don’t give Mr. Jack any ideas!


Felix has his knapsack all packed up and ready to go back to the North Pole. It’s been fun once again, Mr. Elf! See ya next year!!


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Felix – The Elf on the Shelf | Wichita, Kansas Elf Photographer

Well, it’s no surprise that I’m a terrible blogger. We’ve been elfing for 4 years around here and I like to make a book out of each years shenanigans for our kids. Unfortunately they only have 2 books! So, here’s my attempt at catching up the last 2 years. Felix our elf was a busy guy in 2013, Mom was very pregnant and had a time keeping up with him! Sorry for the *very long* delay, folks! Enjoy!

Also, if you’d like to catch up on his previous years mischief you can do that here and here!


Well, look who arrived at our house last night! Appears Felix noticed right away that we’ve had a new addition to the family since his last visit. Felix, meet Theodore the fish. Theodore, Felix. Play nice!

11-29 web

My apple pie! Felix sure didn’t waste any time getting into things! At least it looks like he enjoyed it!

11-30 web

On Sunday we found that he and the guys had stayed up all night to have a Christmas movie marathon!

12-1 web

Monday this is what we woke up to… Felix must have thought he’d hang Christmas lights like Mr. Cole did but looks like he had a little trouble keeping them untangled and straight!

12-2 web

Today we found Felix had made a treehouse out of Legos in our Christmas tree! Such a silly elf!

12-3 web

I guess Felix thought he would replace the salt shaker with sugar! Dinner should be interesting!

12-4 web

Felix doesn’t want to see the Hallmark kissing bears kissing! Ewwwww!

12-5 web


Felix knew how excited Mr. Jack was about Jingle Jam at church! We found him hanging in the wreath on the bathroom door with the invitation. Too bad Felix can’t make it to the show!

12-6 web

Felix made a marshmallow snowman family last night!

12-7 web

Felix decided to hold a men’s Bible study while he was visiting!

12-8 web

Jack woke up to find a special letter to him and his sisters. There were special instructions which he got right to! We will see what happens in the next few days!


Ummmm…. I’m not sure I believe that, Felix. Jack totally denied having any part of this!


The kids were diligent about sprinkling the seeds and look what happened after 2 days! Lollipops! Nice one, Felix!


Red milk?! I guess he thought our milk wasn’t festive enough, haha!


Felix went fishing last night! Glad he didn’t catch anything, whew. Poor Theodore… at least he left the kids a little treat!


Felix! He’s replaced all of the stockings with Mr. Jack’s underwear! My oh my!


Felix has the World Vision catalog all ready for us today! I guess he gets as excited about giving to other kids as we do! If you are looking for a great way to give this Christmas too please check out World Vision USA!

12-15 web

Everyone was hanging around on the ceiling fan this morning. What fun!


I guess with the heat wave in December Felix thought he should work on his tan. We found him with the Pet Shop pets hanging “at the beach” under a reading lamp.


Christmas Countdown!! We are getting close!


Looks like Alvin is claiming the title as the king of mischief around here! Baaaaad little chipmunk trapped Felix under a glass!


Mmmmm, leftover spaghetti! But with syrup, marshmallows, candy corn and chocolate sauce?! No thank you, Felix!


One perk to having a birthday close to Christmas is that Felix always leaves you a sweet birthday message! Happy Birthday, Morgan!


Mr. Jack had a personal visit from Santa this week! I think Felix was excited to see him too! He reported back to Santa that all of the kids have been really good! Hope you enjoyed the candy, Felix!


Bam!! Looks like Felix got Alvin back! Guess you don’t mess with the elf!


I think Felix was looking forward to meeting Josie, who was due to be born on Christmas Eve! We ALL were hoping to meet her by now but alas, babies come on their own time. Next year, Felix!




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The Cole’s Head West! | San Diego, California

We are super excited to share some big news!

Our family will be relocating to the San Diego area this summer!! This is something we have dreamed of for a long time. After praying and planning for many months the opportunity is finally here and we are ready! While we love Kansas and will miss all of our family, friends & co-workers here we are looking forward to this next chapter.

The last 5 years have been a whirlwind and one of the greatest adventures I could have ever imagined with Nelly Cole Photography! I can not even put into words the blessings I have received through this business. My clients turned friends, will be greatly missed! I love each one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to capture your littles & your families! I will be shooting my very last newborn in the next week or so and then I will be wrapping up my business here in Wichita. I will be having a moving sale and offering digital files for anyone who might be interested so please inquire with me if that is something you you may want. I will also continue to offer print orders to each and every client as I can have them drop shipped to you so don’t hesitate to ask!!

While I will be back several times each year and may have time to shoot some sessions I know not everyone can plan on that so I promise I will not leave you all hanging! I want to refer you all to my dear friend & colleague, Sara McClure at Sara Mac Photography. She has a beautiful heart for people and for photography! She is great with newborns, families & children! Please take a look at her website or blog and I know that any one of you who give her a call will not be sorry! If you are not able to schedule with Sara, please let me know as I have so many amazing colleagues in Wichita!  I would love to refer you so please send me an email, text or give me a call and I will be more than happy to send you in the right direction of another photographer who will take great care of you!

I hope to keep up with everyone via Facebook, Instagram or other social media so please feel free to send me a friend request or follow along with me on our new journey on Instagram! I’m not sure yet how long it will be before I will start shooting sessions in California but I will try to keep my Facebook page & my blog updated with all of my family’s new adventures and my future business plans! If you are a photographer in the San Diego area please let me know! I’d love to start connecting with others and making new friends!

God has greatly blessed us here and we know He has great things for us in California too! Since I can’t have an announcement with out a photo, here is our first family picture together on the porch of our first home! We have loved this house and living down the street from my sweet sister! Not having my sister for a neighbor will be the hardest part about leaving but we look forward to the journey ahead!

Please keep our family in your prayers as we still have much to wrap up and take care of in these next few months! “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Cole Family

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Moxie’s Birth | Wichita, Kansas Birth Photographer

I don’t often get the opportunity to photograph a birth just because of the unpredictable nature of most births, but every single one is an absolute honor to be at! This one was certainly no exception, if not even more as this was the birth of Miss Moxie Blythe Hamilton, my greatest and longest friends Justin & Laura’s 6th little blessing! A little side note: my maiden name is Blythe… huge, huge, mega awesome surprise when they told me during the birth that was her middle name! What. An. Honor!!! I am so lucky to have these friends that I call family! Anyway, back to the birth story ;)… Just Mom, Dad & I were at the house on this quiet evening and things progressed fairly quickly, in fact so quickly and smoothly that I didn’t even realize Laura was pushing until she pulled her little darling up from the water! Moxie was born at home peacefully into her mama’s arms around 2am on March 28th. She was mama’s 4th unassisted home birth (the 3rd one I’ve been blessed to attend, one of them I missed by just 7 minutes!) and just the most precious little thing ever! Thank you so much to Laura & Justin for inviting me to be with you on this very special day! I love you guys!!

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My little world right now | Wichita, Kansas Lifestyle Photographer

This is the first time I’ve posted something personal on my blog! I’ve always thought I would but have never gotten around to it. With the reveal of my new branding, new logo and new blogsite, I wanted to share a little about what else is going on for me right now! We are expecting baby #4 in December and we couldn’t be more excited! Here are a few photos we’ve taken to help document and share the news!! Now, I’ve got lots of blogging to catch up on so please check back soon and feel free to let me know what you think of the new look! I’m forever grateful to the amazing skills of Ashley at Laynie and Belle  and for taking such a personal approach and working with me to create this new look! I absolutely love it!!

Our kids are really excited about a new baby and couldn’t wait to help out making an announcement!

p.s. The photos of me are courtesy of my very talented super awesome hubby 😉 This is at 12 weeks!

We found out at 18 weeks that God has blessed us with another girl!! She is already SO lucky to have these 3 amazing siblings and our little Jack will have his hands full being the only brother!

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the whyte house - August 6, 2013 - 2:12 pm

Love the new look! Can’t wait to see your own little baby’s face on here! 🙂

Missy Marie - August 11, 2013 - 10:14 am


ashley - August 11, 2013 - 12:49 pm

Yay! Congrats!!! beautiful images!

Jessica Downey - August 11, 2013 - 4:58 pm

Congratulations! Such happy news! And your new logo is beyond gorgeous.